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Revolutionist1's Profile Picture
So, leaving all the warm, cosy and family minded times behind, it's time for the next part of my journal. 

I gave my thoughts about the world and where we are standing now, and about all the power that lies with only a few mega companies with so much power and influence, it's almost unbelievable. At this moment the world is still shaking from all the #IS violence, and as we speak there has been a new attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, with 12 employees dead. Just for drawing some cartoons.

There are some rumours about a former high CIA agent being one of the top IS guys. That wouldn't be the first terrorist who is trained and armed by America. What is true of that, I leave in the middle. When you are a conspiricy theory supporter, you believe it, and when you are not ...well then you probably think it's all a bit far-fetched. Truth is that IS is reigning in the Middle East with a lot of brutal violence, and till now no government, how powerfull they may be, seem to be able to stop them.

They can find me if they want, and they can throw a bomb on my nose if they really concentrate. They can blast my toilet upstairs without ruining the rest of my bathroom or house, but they can't find IS. Everywhere there are IS warriors leaving their countries to fight in the name of IS and to migrate to the Kalifat area. Of course, these are all muslims. But what I don't understand is how it's possible that the fighters have so much power and control over money, oil fields and weapons. It's almost impossible that they did that on their own.

Again, when I do something bad, and want to use money, the bank or government will block my account and chase me to put me behind bars. And in almost all cases they succeed. Apparantly, the IS warriors can do what they want. Conquer oil fields is one thing, but use the oil field, sell the oil and get money for it? That seems strange to me. CAll me a conspiracy dude, but there has to be more behind it. I can't find the quote I'm looking for, but some famous person said something like "governments don't earn money with peace. War makes people rich, so that's why there will never be peace". It's not the quote of MLK, that one I found :)

Anyway, it's probably the same as back in the 70's and early 80's. America sold weapons to Irak in their war against their neighbour Iran, and later in the 2nd Gulf War, Irak used these weapons against Kuwait and America. THis was the reason America took all the weapons from Irak...indeed, the ones they sold earlier TO Irak. 

It's a difficult situation in the Middle East. One that has many big governments and organizations behind it as influencers of the wars. These countries (America, Russia etc) defined the new "Western" boarders in the 20th century, based on their views but not based on the original tribal boarders which were there for centuries. Now tribes were splitted by a boarder and different tribes were all of a sudden part of 1 country. And to belong to the other country, where the rest of their tribe lived, they needed to go to that country which meant tresspassing and that leads to war again...

You see? Somehow the big western countries are behind a lot of stuff, maybe just because war makes huge money. And the people in the Middle East are a violent nation, which have always fought each other and therefor are willing to keep fighting, as long as they get weapons. 

But IS is not being stopped for a while. Too big, to profitable. If you ask me, it could lead to some sort of hatred in the world that could lead to an international war against terror. Which is a good thing in theory. The reason for it maybe isn't. But the governments are too slow in taking actions, so it will go on for a while. In my own country (Netherlands) the hatred against Muslims is groing, even within myself. I notice that I start looking more and more suspicious towards every muslimish person and I get really annoyed and angry about these people. And I don't even blame myself for it. 
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